Academic Achievements

Organisation Position Duration
National Neonatology Forum (Karnataka State) President 2011-2013
15th  Karnataka State Neonatal  Conference Organising Chairman Sep 7/8/9 -2012
Ministry Of Health and Family welfare
Government of Karnataka
Technical Committee
Newborn Screening
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Medical sciences Member
Accredition for Fellowship in Neonatology
 National & State Conference & CME Lectures Delivered
   NNF  National Conference -2012
14/12/2012- New Delhi . Neocon-2012 
Exposure to Varicella what to do?
15th  NNF Karnataka State Conference 2012 08/09/2012 - Bangalore
Preterm Management In Delivery Room
Ventilation Workshop- Manipal Hospital 07/09/2012- Bangalore. Sedation and Weaning of Neonate
Karnataka State Pediatric Conference -  OCT-2012. Davanagere
 Transfusion Practices in Neonates
 Perinatal & Neonatal CME Update May 2012
  Respiratory Distress In Newborn

Academic Activities Conducted

Activity Highlights
An update Perinatal- Neonatal CME. May 2012
Joint CME of Neonatologist/ Pediatricians and Obstetrician Conducted for the first time. Focus on Common Topics for Pediatricains and Obstreticians
CME for Nurses  7/9/2012 Exclusive session on Breast feeding and Lactation Managemnet.  25 Nurses from Apollo Hospital Bangalore Participated and were trained .
  Neonatal Ventilation Workshop 07/09/2012   Conducted with special emphasis on Non-invasive Ventilation
  15th Karnataka State Neonatal Conference   Theme:
“Striving for excellence in Newborn Care”

Lectures Delivered National Conference - 2017

Intrapartum Neonatal Resuscitation 2017, Gurgaon.

Lectures Delivered - 2016

  1. Newborn seizures: NNF National Conference Indore
  2. Pedicon 2016 National Conference: Bangalore
    1. Lung protection strategies in Ventilated preterm newborn
    2. Biochemical markers in Newborn sepsis.

Karnataka State Pedicon - 10th May 2015

Neonatology Grandsrounds

National Neonatology Forum - National Conference - Bhubaneswar, Dec 2015

Approach to constipation in newborn

Lectures Delivered in 2009-2010

1V SouthZone & X111th Karnataka State Annual Convention Of National Neonatology Forum, 26-28th /11/2010 Shimoga

  1. Delivered Lecture on "NewbornScreening"
  2. Delivered Lecture on Weaning a Neonate from Ventilator & Chest X-ray Interpretation.
  3. Conducted workshop on Neonatal Resuscitation Programme & BubbleCPAP

Bangalore Pediatric Society(July)2010

Delivered Guest Lecture on Caffiene Citrate"Coffee For the Newborn"
NeoNursing 3rd KarnatakaState annual conference of Neonatal Nursing 2009 Davanagere

Delivered Lecture in Neontal Resucitation Programme
PEDICON2009 :1.Stabilization & weaning a infant from Ventilator

Scientific Paper’s @ International Conferences (PSANZ 2008 conference Gold Coast):

  1. Oral Presentation : Early onset, severe fetal growth restriction with absent or reversed end-diastolic flow in the umbilical artery: Obstetric and perinatal outcomes.
  2. Poster Presentation: Role of Erythromycin in Prevention of NEC and as a Prokinetic agent. A Randomised control trial.

International Publications:

1. 'Early onset, severe fetal growth restriction with absent or reversed end-diastolic flow velocity waveform in the umbilical artery: Perinatal and Long Term Outcomes Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2009; 49: 45
2. "The use of Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator in the Management of Infective Intracardiac Thrombi in Preterm Infants with Thrombocytopaenia" Journal of Pediatrics and child health 2009:45: 598–601h

Publication In National Journal:

1. Bubble CPAP - A Primary Respiratory Support for Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Newborns Indian Pediatrics :2009:46: 409


1 Case Report of Wollmans
Indian Pediatrics,1997; vol 64; P: 561-563.
2 Nasogastric feeding tube gastric perforation in a neonate Indian journal of Pediatrics,2004;Vol71; P: 661-662.
3 Hyper IgM Syndrome-An
Immunodefeciency disorder
JK Science 2001;Vol 3(3).129-131
4 Death of a baby in NICU in Text Book of Neonatology by Deepak Guha 3rd Ed; 187-189
5 Gene therapy Text Book of Neonatology by Deepak Guha  3rd Ed;382-391
6 Arrhythmias in fetus and
 Recent advances.  Suraj Gupte Vol10;367-375.
7 Evaluation of Etiology and
Incidence of pneumonia in
National Neonatology Forum.  Bulletin.2002
8 Oxygen therapy in newborn and children Journal of Bangalore pediatric society.1997
9 Sedation in Paediatrics  Journal of Bangalore pediatric society. 2001
10 Newborn screening. Journal of Bangalore pediatric society. 2003

Presentations at state and National conferences:

1 Necrotising Enterocolitis in term
22nd  Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum-2002-Cochin.
2 Necrotising Enterocolitis: An Analysis of
Risk Factors.
22nd  Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum-2002-Cochin.
3 Massive Subaponeurutic haemorrhage as a
complication of  vaccum extraction  
National Conference , Indian Academy of Pediatrics
Jan 2002-Bangalore.
4 “Evaluation of Etiology and incidence
of pneumonia in Newborn”
 19th annual convention of National Neonatology Forum Bangalore Nov. 99.
5 Gm –Csf Leucomax multicentric trial 19th annual convention of National Neonatology Forum Nov 99 Bangalore.
6 Clinical Profile & E.E.G evaluation in
“Single Small Enhancing CT lesion”
National Conference Indian academy of pediatrics  Jan 98 Cochin.
7 Spectrum of acute encephalopathy in
Karnataka State Pediatric Conference Nov 98 Belgaum.
8 Congenital heart disease in neonates.  Karnataka State Pediatric  Conference Nov.97
9   Brain stem auditory evoked response
in high risk neonates”
Karnataka State Pediatric Conference, Nov 96

Lectures Delivered:

1 Anemia Of Prematurity Karnataka State NNF conference 2004. Bijapur
2 Newborn screening NNF  annual CME Bangalore 2004
3  Post-ExtubationCPAP IAP south Zone Conference ,Davangere 2004.
4 Prevention Of Catheter related infection  Newborn week,CME 2004,M.S.Ramaiah Medical college
5 Danger Signals in Newborn,. CME for G.P ,M.S.Ramaiah Medical college
6 Identification & Management
of Neonatal Infection.
Practicising Pediatricians . Bangalore.2004
7  Post-natal Management of  Antenatally
Diagnosed  Disorder.
NNF Newborn week , Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.2003.
8  Neonatal Transport Bangalore Obstretic & Gynecology Society 2003
9  CPAP in Neonates  Karnataka State NNF Conference Hubli 2003.
10  Evidence Based Neonatology  Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health Bangalore. 2003
11  Total Parentral Nutrition Annual CME NNF Karnataka 2003.Bangalore.

NNF = National Neonatology Forum
IAP = Indian Academy of Pediatrics